Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Netherlands - McDonalds menu that you can find only in this country

Last month in this post I told you that I didn't see anything different in McDonalds in the Netherlands. I'm sorry, I lied. There is actually something called McKroket. If you understand Indonesian, yes, kroket in the Netherlands refers to the same food in Indonesia. The only difference is the way kroket is eaten: in Indonesia, kroket is a snack that is eaten as it is, and in the Netherlands, you normally eat kroket smashed on a bread, and then topped with mustard sauce.

The packaging was rather fancy, emphasizing the fact that it is only available in the Netherlands. I am not a frequent McDonald customer so I'm not sure how they normally package a burger, but I find the packaging rather fancy.

I am not too familiar with eating kroket with bread or bun, but it was pretty good. There's beef in the kroket but you can't really feel the texture, and I wonder how much ground beef was used in the kroket. I like it, but I don't love it. I'm confident I can eat this thing again, but I will neither look for it nor crave for it.

McKroket has been there since 1999, so the package says.

Another menu that is limited only for the Netherlands branches is McMood, which is below:

My friend ordered it. I didn't have the chance to take a photo of the box but it was less interesting than the McKroket's. I still don't understand why they call it McMood. I suppose it improves your mood because it's tasty, but in simple words, it's a beef burger with a sunny side up egg with tomato slices and lettuce, and probably some sort of sauce that is close to a mayonnaise, one of the ultimate sauce in the Netherlands.


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