Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Denmark - Ready-To-Go Bubble Tea

I love bubble tea, but I think it is relatively new in Europe. I normally find bubble tea shops around China Town or Japan Town (if they exist), and in Germany, McDonald sells them. Not the typical tapioca pearls, but fruit-flavoured alginate bubbles that release fruit syrup when burst. 

I found this packaging in 7-Eleven in Copenhagen. Open the lid, stick the straw to tear the packaging open, and voila, you have bubble tea ready to go. Not sure if this packaging is easy to handle since I didn't buy them (and I kind of regret it now).


  1. omg where in Copenhagen did u find them? i tried to look for bubble tea in a couple of 7eleven stores, but didn't find any....

    1. I found it in the 7eleven in the train station and there was one in the city centre close to a big fountain. I forgot the name of the street, though :/


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