Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweden - Malmö

I almost forgot to post about Malmö. It took about 15 minutes to Malmö by train, and about 40 minutes to an hour by bike. I've never biked there from Lund before, but my friends did.

If you buy train tickets from Lund to Malmö, you can actually still use the tickets to ride the buses in Malmö for free up until the specific hours stated on the ticket. Normally it's around 1.5 hours after the purchase time of the ticket. We took bus number 3, which goes in a loop around the city. From the station, head towards the Tourist Information centre, and the bus stop is right outside the Tourist Information. After we took a round trip with the bus, we walked through the city.

Our first trip to Malmö was one week before Eurovision Grand Finals 2013. All the tickets were sold out, but luckily there were two outdoor screenings.

Malmö is a cozy city. Except during the Eurovision Grand Final weekend, you don't see a lot of people on the street, even during weekends. However, if you go to Lilla Torg, you'll find nice cafes crowded with young people.

One cafe called Cafe Pronto serves extraordinarily fantastic cheesecake.

I had raspberry lemon cheesecake with white chocolate. I really loved it!

The city itself is not that big, but you can find shopping streets around. Also, according to the Tourist Information, there is a big shopping mall in Triangeln, one station to the south of Malmö. I've neven been there because I knew I could not shop anymore because my luggage was already heavy enough from all the basic needs.

Anyways, we took a little walk around the city and the outskirts of Malmö towards the Øresund, the strait that separates southern Sweden from Denmark.

We visited the famous Turning Torso (the tall, twisting building next to the water) from afar. My friend who went to Malmö on another trip said that you could go up the tower and there is a really nice ice cream shop.

It's a pleasant town :)


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