Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweden - Recycling cans + bottles = MONEY!

Today is my last night in Sweden, and while sitting down enjoying sunshine on the hill behind our house, my friend asked, "What will you miss from Sweden?"

My answer was the recycling machine. Why?

It made me feel happier cleaning up the cans and bottles accumulated at home because I will be earning some discount tickets to shop at the supermarket.

Small PET bottle = 1 SEK
Large PET bottle (1.5 litre) = 2 SEK
Cans = 1 SEK

I know, 1 SEK probably worths very little. You can't even enter the public toilet with 1 SEK. But when you accumulate cans and bottles from 5 other people in the house, you can get as much as 40 SEK at one go.

What can you buy with 40 SEK? 20 SEK gives you 4 long bars of Daim chocolate, and biking to the supermarket costs nothing but your effort.


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