Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Denmark - 7-Eleven

One thing I noticed from Copenhagen is that 7-Eleven is everywhere. I've been somewhat a fan of 7-Eleven because they open until late, and in Japan, 7-Eleven sells great variety of food. I've only been to 7-Eleven once in Indonesia, and several times in Singapore, but they were not very impressive.

Well, I'd say I like 7-Eleven in Copenhagen. Why?

Yummy food, of course! Chicken skewers? Damn they're so good! They're not as good as those from YakitoriQ or other specialized yakitori (Japanese chicken skewer) shops. But really, they're DAMN GOOD.

Coffee, tea, hotdogs... they sell a lot of things there. And there were at least two 7-Eleven shops in Copenhagen central station.

Cute fruit smoothie packaging. Creative marketing idea :)

Ready-to-go bubble drinks

LOL at the packaging!


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