Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goodbye Jakarta

I'm missing my home a lot. This holiday was filled with my big family, as if the entire world is made up of my big family and no one else.

I didn't get to go out much, partially because I was baby sitting my 4-year-old cousin. It was a troublesome work, since my energy capacity is much lower than that kid. But now I miss her and her endless singing... :(

Now that I'm flying back to Urbana, I won't be having my FF Dissidia partner anymore. Aah. Yeah, it's pretty sad that even though there are people who play games there, no one seem to have the same interest as me. Haha. I want a Dissidia partner...

One thing that still bugs me is that I couldn't win from my cousin on my last battle with her, even though I've been using my strongest and most familiar hero, Cloud. Perhaps the 20 level difference is the problem. Hmm... By June, I'll make Cloud reach level 99 and call for a rematch with my cousin! I'll defeat you, Metta!! XD

And... yeah, no more authentic Asian food for the next 5-6 months. I miss my Mum's cooking. She cooked lots of my favorite food on my last day at home, and... I was so touched. She woke up so early to cooked all those dishes. If I were a mom, I would probably cancel my plan and sleep for another hour because I'm not the type of person who likes waking up early. LOL. She's so cool.

Alright, time to embrace a new semester! Fight!!


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