Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ujung Pandang Crab

My dad brought back one tub of crabs from his business trip to Ujung Pandang (Indonesia).

These were biggest crabs I've ever eaten.

Okay, the claw/pincher is always my most favorite part. I had some difficulties trying to crack the claw. Normal crab cracker won't do. I had to use a stone pestle to crack it because it's so damn hard and thick. But a hard work comes with a big reward!

The sauce has similar taste to that of Kepiting Saus Padang, but it's a little sweeter. It tastes great with white rice or mantou. My cousin said it's quite hot, but maybe my pain receptor has been pretty much dulled, so I didn't really think that it's that hot.

The female crabs were filled with tons of crab eggs. Normally, crabs with eggs don't have much meat inside, but these female crabs from Ujung Pandang have so much meat inside the legs and the claws.

I love the crabs!

P.S: beware of your cholesterol level after you ate these crabs xD


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