Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a while

To put it simply, I've been busy these days. Looking for summer internship, chasing after my professors to schedule my research, thinking of honors class projects to be done this semester, working part time at a cafetaria, club meetings and activities... Whew!

And I just had an exam yesterday, and there is going to be another exam tomorrow.

Enough complaints! Now, time for food! Luckily, I managed to cook for myself almost everyday. Saves the money, adds the experience, adds the fun!

Spicy mayo shrimps with musrhoom:

Bento preparation:

Checkered rice (plain rice and rice with furikake)

Added some fried sausages and hams

2nd bento. Fried egg + rice + mayonaisse + chili paste!

I decided to make a fruit gelatin to stack at the bottom... I need more fiber these days :P

Seafood spaghetti with vodka sauce (thanks, Bertolli!)

The healthiest food of the semester. Haha. Mixed vegetables + leek + chicken gizzard.

My Saturday breakfast! Pork wanton noodle with shrimps and mushrooms:

I used Nasoya wanton wraps. They're pretty good!

Ayam balado. Indonesian spicy chicken, cooked with my mum's recipe :D

Time for more artistic food! Peeps born out of clementine orange!

Pork rib with lotus root soup. One of my favorites!

Sliced beef and king oyster mushroom cooked in Korean galbi sauce

Okay, enough for now. Time to study!


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