Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chicago, Once Again

I'm not really a city person, so when I was in college I didn't really bother going as far as Chicago for dining or shopping unless someone asked me to come along. I know I have a preference like a grandmother. I'm just looking for a quiet, peaceful place to live. The wild squirrels around the campus were more than enough for my self-entertainment.

Once again, I was back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. It was actually a very different experience. I have never been outside past midnight.

I took a pretty good photo with my 4-year-old point-and-shoot neon-green colored camera. Maybe I still don't need an SLR after all. True, it takes more effort to stand still and take a really good night photos with this camera, but when there is a will, there is a way.

I revisited The Bean. It was crowded with tourists.

I'm always amazed at whoever built The Bean. The concept was very elegant. You can actually capture Chicago scenery through The Bean, and each angle gives a different face of Chicago. When I came during the 4th of July last year, The Bean was very clean and shiny. Now it has been plastered in fingerprints.

Meanwhile, I took a little stroll towards a crowd at Millenium Park, which was just next to The Bean. It was a rare sight: boys playing tricks with soccer balls. I hate to call it "soccer" and prefer to call it "football" instead. However, when you say "football" in the US, people will immediately refer to "American football".

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of American football just because there are way too many breaks/intermissions throughout the game. Once I lost focus, I can't get back into the hype. 

I didn't mean to bitch about American football, but somehow the flow of this post leads me to talk about American football. LOL. 

I like Chicago more than I like NYC. NYC is a good place to roam but not to live. At least to me it's that way..


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