Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Double new year

Well, I'm utterly late but I hope everyone - celebrating or not - had a wonderful Christmas and a blissful Gregorian New year. In about two weeks I will be celebrating Chinese New Year, finally with my family after three years had passed.

I had been busy the moment I landed on my hometown because it was only 2 days before Christmas and I still had quite a few essays to worry about. With so much to unpack and organize, things were pretty hectic until this week.

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to savor the dishes that I truly enjoy and definitely do not exist in the States (an I think that is probably why many Indonesian reataurants fail to thrive in the US and rarely anyone who isn't familiar with Indonesian food favors them over Malaysian or Thai food).

Well, I hope everything goes well for everyone, and stay in tune on this blog! :)

Home sweet home. Delicious.


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