Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Netherlands - Hello Amsterdam!

I've been on hiatus for quite some time, and yes I'm no longer in Japan. I headed back to Indonesia after I was done with my language school in Tokyo, and now I'm in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There is free wi-fi all around the airport but it's not very fast. I attempted to use FaceTime and Viber, and either I couldn't get connected, or the other party doesn't hear me.

The airport is pretty lovely, but I wish they have more seats that are located next to a power plug. I spent the first half hour trying to find seats with power plugs next to it. Well, I found one near the train station. Still part of the airport but it's at the center where it's connected to the train station. Pretty convenient, huh?

I have to wait for another hour to meet the person who would pick me up and show me the way to my university (and I suppose another hour and a half after that for the next new student to arrive, go through the immigration and pick up her baggages).

Can't be helped but I think it's better for me to wait instead of heading there alone and not knowing where to go :')

Tons of cafetaria and restaurants around, but most of them sell sandwiches and all sorts of bread. It's gonna be a little tough for me because I don't really like bread. It's not the taste or the texture, but bread gives me a different kind of satiety. A weird kind, I would say. Probably because I'm so used to digesting rice and noodles, but not bread.

Alright, time to rest up a little bit. I'm still a little sleepy; 12 hour flight isn't very pleasant. I'll probably gonna watch a couple episodes of Shirokuma Cafe for now.


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