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The Netherlands - Kinderdijk

One of the greatest icons of the Netherlands is the windmills (molen in Dutch), although if you ask the locals, they probably have never heard of Kinderdijk. Just like Keukenhoff, Kinderdijk is very popular among the tourists because the windmills are not something that can be commonly found in other countries.

At least, not the traditional ones like in Kinderdijk.

It took me about an hour to travel from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk, mainly because I took the metro to Rotterdam Zuid and then transferred to bus 94. There is a 20 minute wait during the transfer, so technically, it is reachable in about 40 minutes. There are other ways to go there: you can check the Kinderdijk website or go to to plan your entire trip. You can just put "Kinderdijk" as the destination in Otherwise, Google Maps is also a good optioonn.

Molenkade bus stop

Kinderdijk is indeed a very beautiful place, with classic Dutch windmills surrounding the area. Needless to say, it is a very windy area. I strongly advise to visit Kinderdijk when it is sunny, unless you are used to wind chills. I went there in early May, and the temperature was around 13C. For a person who came from the tropics, I felt that 13C was still somewhat chilly. It's especially chilly when the sun was shrouded by the clouds. Otherwise, it was actually pretty warm.

There is a place to rent bikes around the area, and you could also take a boat tour. I simply walked because I had plenty of time and I felt like having a relaxing moments. It is possible to see all the windmills on foot. I spent roughly 3 hours to walk around the area, and I covered most of them.

I visited only one windmill museum called Volwassene Museum, and to be honest, I regretted paying 3 euros for it because there was practically nothing to see but a small, wooden room with two monitors to display how a windmill works.

Nevertheless, it's also a nice place to have a nice picnic. There are benches every 50 meters or so on the path.

You can bring your own food (a sandwich would be ideal), but if not, there are also food vendors that sell ice cream, hot dogs, gehaktballen with broodjes, etc.

Enjoying my gehaktballen met broodjes (meatballs with buns) and the windmills

If you are the type to buy souvenirs, there is a souvenir shop at the entrance. You can also get food here, and the view from the cafeteria is quite pretty.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kinderdijk is a must-go place if you are in the Netherlands, but make sure to check the weather before you go. I can't imagine how nasty this place could be when it's raining hard!

Nederwaard 1, 2961 AS


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