Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been rusty

It's been a really really really long time since the last time I ever touched HTML or CSS codes. I think it has reached more than a year. Yes, I didn't even bother fixing this blog's layout.

It took me an hour to distinguish between td and div, and how CSS works. As for CSS, I only remember simple tags like position, background, font-family... the rest have disappeared into thin air like vapor. I even forgot how to use Java script to make it more dynamic.

And guess what? My sense of color and design have gone, too. Or maybe they never existed. Haha.

ISC Website

Such a plain-looking thing. An eyesore. And I spent 3 hours on this, how pathetic. My previous Yuna blog was 100 times prettier than this. Much more interactive, much more lively, much more organized.

Much more creative.

Maybe somewhere deep in my brain I know that this website most likely won't last very long. No one's gonna take a look at it no matter how pretty I make it. Not now, not later. Even I didn't land a single click for the whole year on that website. Truly, I prefer watching various things from youtube and zomganime.

Something that is created for no purpose... I just think that it's really sad.


  1. The isc website is doomed from the first moment i saw it. The previous version was slightly better than the one that you worked on, but both versions suffered from the fact that ISC management never fully optimized it in its operations.

    I believe the reason why ISC had a website in the first place is to reach out to the local or broader community, but as far as I
    know the club made poor effort in doing that in the past years. Hence it never really serves any purpose haha.

    I guess if you really want to make the website accessed more by the members/public, you really have to push the president&co to publicize it more often haha.

  2. Thanks for the input, mc2.

    The point about not enough publicizing is that no one needs such information listed on the website anymore. With the mailing list system, information is spread through e-mails instead of posting them on the website. Even if an announcement is made, only the members will be concerned about it.

    I feel like the website is just a formality, thus I feel that I can't put more effort. I can't say that I didn't put any efforts either, since as I said in my post, my skills have become quite rusty.

    If you don't mind, just for my personal reference, what do you dislike about the new design? I'd rather know it than not to know it haha.. it's going to be useful for me.

  3. This is mc2. mc2=jaimtel=momo. Sorry about the confusion, it's my old display name. Yeah I am aware of the indochambana mailing list and how it brought down the significance of the ISC webpage.

    I am not a good web designer at all, your work is far beyond my reach so I don't really feel like I am in the place to judge your design. But if you insist, then maybe I will point out a thing or two :)

    I like the simplistic design. You may call it lack of effort but it satisfies the purpose of the website: to inform ppl. clear contrast between the brown batik lines against the white backdrop. the one thing that doesn't really sit well with me is how in certain pages you need to scroll down a lot just to get to the bottom of the page. there is a lack of consistency in that department and maybe you can change the layout a bit to keep things on the same page.

    hope that helps :D kapan balik nit?

  4. Ahaha.. Momo toh XD
    Gw tgl 20 harusnya udah nyampe hehehe
    Lu gimana kabarnya?

    Whew I didn't know someone would be bothered enough read my blog lol :P Anyways, thanks for expressing your concern about the website! Haha... Hopefully when the need arises I'll fix the website >.<


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