Thursday, May 7, 2009

FF versus 13 newest trailer

Someone ripped it from FF VII Advent Children: COMPLETE.

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I think they haven't found the voice actors yet, that's why the video has only background music. Nothing's wrong with the video, coz I watched it in its original BluRay version, and it also has no voice.

Here's my own translation for the trailer (please credit me by linking to my blog):

Italian words (I don't understand Italian, so I translated it using Google translate, I don't know the accuracy of the meaning, really):

IL CAMMINO PARI CIELI - the path equal to (?) heaven
LA MORTE E LA DIA - death and gives (?)
LA STELLA INCONTRATA DI NOTTE - the star that encounters the night (probably referring to Stella and Noctis)
LE MEMORIE DE MORTE - the memories of death (probably has a similar meaning to memento mori - remember that you will die)

Noctis-sama, hikari ga mierun desu ne (Noctis-sama, you can see the light, right?)
Watashi mo desu. (I can see it too.)
Sakki kaidan no shita kara miteita no ha, ano hikari desu yo ne. (Just now what you were seeing from the staircase below was that light, right?)

Maa na. Anta ha itsu kara mierun da? (Well, yeah. Since when can you see it?)

Kodomo no koro kara desu. (Since childhood.)

Yappari shi ni kaketa no ka? (As I thought, did you almost die?)

Hai -- Noctis-sama mo desu ka? (Yes-- You too, Noctis-sama?)

Are ha mazukatta. (That was really a bad situation.)

Megami Etoro -- Shisha no tamashii wo mukaen to tobira wo hiraku. (The Goddess Etoro -- When the spirit of the deceased arrives, she opens the gate.)
Sono toki, shisha no koku wo terasu mabayui hikari ten ni afuredasu. (When that time comes, a dazzling light flooding out from the heaven illuminates the world of the dead.)
Mare ni sono hikari wo miru mono ari. (Rarely anyone who saw the light exists.)
Sono mono, shisha no koku yori chikara wo sazukaran-- (Those people, they were endowed with the power from the world of the dead--)
Tenebure no ii tsutae desu. (That's the legend of Tenebure.)

Koko demo onaji da. (It's the same here, too.)

Noctis-sama ha chikara wo sazukarimashita ka? (Did Noctis-sama receive the power, too?)

Zenzen-- sonna chikara nante iranai kara (Not at all -- because I don't need that power.)
Maniatteru shi. (I can still make it in time.)

Desu yo ne! (Right!)
Donna chikara demo dareka no inochi to hikikae nante (Whichever power that comes from exchaning someone's soul...)
Kitto warui yume michaimasu (It's definitely a nightmare.)

Sou-- ii kagen na otogibanashi sa (Yes-- it's just a random fairytale.)
Hikari no koto ha dare ni mo iwanai hou ga ii. (It's better not to tell anyone about the light.)

Doushite desu ka? (Why is that so?)

Tanin to chigau tte koto ha-- (Being different from others)
Nanka to mendou kusai daro? (Isn't it kinda troublesome?)

Demo ii tsutae ka otogibanashi da to shitara ano hikari (But no matter if it's a legend or a fairy tale, that light...)
Hontou ni nan da to omoimasu ka? (What do you think of it?)

Hontou ha -- tada soko ni aru (Actually, it's just there.)
Sore de ii daro? (Isn't it enough?)
Eeto... (Erm...)

Stella desu. (It's Stella.)

Stella. Ore ha ikanakucha. (Stella. I have to go.)

Stella: Ohikitomete moushi wake arimasen deshita, Noctis-sama. (I'm sorry to keep you, Noctis-sama.)

Noctis: Nokuto de ii yo. (Noct is fine.)

Watashi mo modoranai to. (I'd better go back, too).
Kon ya watashi ha ano hikari kara chikara wo moratta you na ki ga shimasu. (Tonight I feel that I was endowed with the light's power.)
Anata ni hanashi kakeru koto ga dekimashita. (I was able to talk to you.)

Warui yume miru zo. (You'll get nightmares, you know.)

Ijiwaru desu ne, Noctis-sama. (You're so mean, Noctis-sama.)


Tsugi ni atta toki ha sou yobimasu. (I'll call you that the next time we meet.)
Kondo ha Tenebure ni kite kudasai ne. Watashi ga go annai shimasu. (This time, please go to Tenebure. I'll guide you.)

Noctis: Ii kamo na. Kangaete oku. (Sounds good. I'll consider.)

Unknown: Anata ha -- dare? (Who are you?)

Noctis: --kocchi no serifu da. (That's my line.)

I think Tenebure is the name of a place... Etoro is just some goddess shown in the picture. I don't know the English version of the names, so I'll leave them as Tenebure and Etoro (I suspect it's gonna be Tenebrae and Etro).

Expecting more from FF versus 13.... Noctis is just too cool!

*was supposed to study for my finals, but ended up digging up FF stuffs. cries*


  1. OH ~
    wonderful scenery
    wonderful music~

    I love FF so much!


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