Sunday, April 12, 2009

FF Distant Worlds at Minneapolis

I didn't buy the program booklet (costs $30), so I can't really remember the order, but as far as I can remember, here it is:

1st half:

Liberi Fatali - FF 8
Don't Be Afraid - FF 8
To Zanarkand - FF 10
Bombing Mission - FF 7
Ronfaure - FF 11
Fisherman's Horizon - FF 8
Aerith's Theme - FF 7
Medley - FF 1-3

2nd half:
Dear Friends - FF 5
Vamo' alla Flamenco - FF 9
Swing de Chocobo - FF Series
Memoro de la Stono Distant Worlds - FF 11
Opera "Maria and Draco" - FF 6
Terra's Theme - FF 6
One-Winged Angel - FF 7

Anyone who spots the mistake in the program list, please help me fix them! :)

Liberi Fatali was a really splendid choice as the opening song. Since I was sitting with my brother at the orchestra pit (the front most row), the sound quality was at the best. I could hear the slightest, softest tones produced. It was really awesome there! I could see Nobuo Uematsu and Annie Roth really closely, too! Well, only one thing I kinda regretted: I couldn't see the entire orchestra and the screen behind them.

These songs left the best impressions in me: Liberi Fatali, Don't Be Afraid, Swing de Chocobo, and Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds. I love FF 7 songs, but this time they were not as magnificent as I thought it would be. One-Winged-Angel and Bombing Mission are still my all-time favorites, but somehow they lacked the energy during the concert.

Also, this was the first time hearing the English version of Darkness and Starlight (which is the Opera "Maria and Draco"). They meanings are pretty similar to the Japanese version. It was pretty surprising. In fact, I like it. The trio who sang the opera had splendid voice. The one who sang Ralph's part has a really deep and enchanting voice. I love it!

The Final Fantasy Medley was also noticable, but since I have been hearing it a lot of times in my 2002:2002 Concert CD, I didn't really think it was that awesome. But still.. I love it :)

Other than the songs... I went to the Meet and Greet with Nobuo Uematsu! Paid extra $25 for the chance to take a photo and get his signature on my FF goods. A lot of people brought their game CDs and books. Some just bought the Distant Worlds CD ($20), the official T-shirts ($20) and the posters (I can't remember the price since I didn't really want to buy the poster) and had them signed.

I had my FF VI Piano Collection, FFVII AC Original Soundtrack and FF 2002:2002 Concert music CDs signed. I also had the official T-shirt signed at the back! Yay!

Will post some photos and videos soon :)


  1. Hello,
    I'm ChinTV, who came from Taiwan.

    May I ask about your personal photo?
    She seems like FFX, Yuna, isn't it?
    It's so cool.

    and It's nice to meet you,too!

  2. Hi ChinTV, sorry for the late reply.
    She's the edited version of Yuna. Someone did this quite a long time ago :)

    Nice to meet you!


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