Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you for the good, good food (Florida)

Bali Cafe
109 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 358-5751

Bali Cafe serves a wide variety of Indonesian and Japanese food, mainly sushi. I didn't try the sushi menu because I was looking forward more to the Indonesian food. They server beef rendang, soto betawi, ikan balado, bihun bakso, bakmi ayam, opor ayam and other generally well-liked Indonesian dishes.

Some of the menu that I know are tasty: beef rendang, opor ayam, ketoprak and ikan balado. The beef rendang was very close to the authentic rendang, in case you are wondering. It's not as spicy as it should, but nonetheless very appetizing.

The dessert was brilliant. They serve lapis legit - a layered cake - with three flavored ice cream: yam, pandan and jackfruit. At first glance, I thought the very eye-striking colored ice cream (purple, green and yellow) were outrageous, but surprisingly the ice cream went really well with the cake! It was so far the best combination of dessert I had ever eaten.

The restaurant has a good ambience. The small restaurant also offers very friendly service. My rating of the restaurant is 8.5/10.

Texas de Brazil - Miami
The Dolphin Mall
11401 N. W. 12th St, Ste 514
Miami, FL 33172

I was recommended by a person sitting next to me on the plane. She resides in Florida, and she said Texas de Brazil is a must-go. It's a Brazilian steak house, in which many types of meat were served.

They have a wide variety of sides available at the salad bar. The vegetables are fresh. I personally like the artichoke salad. Other than salads, they have sushi, sashimi, brisque, rice and some other appetizers to start. But since the entree is going to be really heavy, I wouldn't recommend having heavy appetizers.

The best meat was of course the special meat: the ribs. No, it's not just normal ribs. The meat is extremely tender even though it is fully cooked. It melts perfectly in the mouth. For that moment, I will close one eye to the fact that the meat is extremely high in fat.

For the dessert, I tried a piece of cheese cake and key lime pie.

The cheese cake was well-displayed. It has a bottom chocolate flavored cheese cake, topped with caramel sauce. It was a pretty normal-flavored cheese cake, but I like it.

Next, the key lime pie.

A beautiful blend of sweet and sour, accompanied with strong, aromatic lime flavor that leaves a fresh aftertaste. It's a good choice of dessert right after eating a series of meats at the steakhouse.

A quite pricey restaurant, indeed. However, it is worth paying. The restaurant also has a good view. The calm ambience and the lightings make one feel comfortable. My rating for this restaurant is 8.5/10.

Arabian Nights

Seriously, the food sucks. The USDA Sirloin steak was dry and tough. It was very unappetizing. My friend ordered the cut steak because she cannot eat half-cooked meats. It turned out that the cut steak was just a beef patty with BBQ sauce on it. I prefer the "cut steak" compared to the sirloin steak since the sauce added some juiciness to the meat, but it was still a disappointment. The mashed potato keeps the score up, but overall, I wouldn't recommend anyone to eat there. The vegetables served were frozen vegetebles. Drinks (coke and water) are free flows, and alcoholic beverage costs $5. For the dessert, they serve vanilla ice cream with some chocolate sauce.

The ice crea was far from spectacular.

The show I watched during the dinner was also disappointing. Indeed, some tricks performed were quite eye-catching, and they did put some jokes that caught everyone's attention (I don't think I'd spoil it here). However, most of the horse tricks were getting boring from the middle part onwards. Not to mention how horrible the storyline was.

My rating for Arabian Nights is 5.5/10. It's been overrated, seriously.


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