Saturday, March 21, 2009

First day of Spring

Now there's one more reason why I love going to to see what special day it is today.

Yep, it's today. It doesn't feel like it's the beginning of spring, since the weather was so warm last week. It's gotten colder again today. I love the weather just as it is: not so cold and not so hot. I generally prefer colder temperatures, though.

After looking at leafless trees along the roads for months, I get the feeling how winter is very romantic. Summer is more like... cheerful and lively, but winter has its own elegance. And if I were to pick, I would choose winter over summer. You can wear as much clothes as you want during winter, and it would help you fight the cold. Sadly, even if you're wearing as little clothes as you can during summer, you can't do anything against the heat.

Spring break is just one step ahead, and yet I don't feel very much excited mostly because I can't keep my head clear of the things that I have to do before and after the break. I have lab reports to do and tons of materials to study. Let me make the list of things happening the week after spring break:

Mon: FSHN 260 lab report, MCB 101 practical exam
Tues: FSHN 131 lab report, MCB 101 lab report
Wed: CHEM 232 (hellish) exam, CHEM 233 lab report
Thurs: FSHN 131 lab report
Fri: MCB 101 exam the other minor stuffs that I need to do.

Okay. No more time to complain.


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