Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something to contemplate about

Within this one week, I had a lot of things to ponder.

Actually I had been thinking about this idea since about 2-3 years ago. One branded bag (LV, for example) can save a lot of people living in poverty. It was amazing to see how wealthy people can be blind about such crisis going on in this world, wasting so much on unnecessary things for the sake of pride.

The pride in which they are not supposed to be proud of. What I'm talking about is when kids spend their parents' money when they're not earning a single cent.

It's not that I have a particular grudge against rich, pampered people, nor I am jealous of their capability to use money to control people. As a matter of fact, I could be capable of turning myself into a lazy-assed princess who can only lift my fingers to get things done. But if I do that, I feel that I'm throwing my self dignity away. The time when I don't know how to wash dishes, that's when I die.

When I think like this, I think I'm just not suited to become a millionaire. I fear the thought that someday I might lose my heart just because I have enough money to buy power and control over the others.

Not all rich people are heartless. But what amazes me is that how they can turn utterly ridiculous.


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