Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy (belated) New Year

First of all, happy belated new year! I've enjoyed myself too much during winter break (oh, the stress relief after final exam... that's really wonderful!).

I went back to Indonesia for a couple of weeks. Good foods.. yum.

There is something weird that I've noticed about my taste in foods. Indeed, a $30 3-way foie gras dish might drive me nuts, but for some reason, it can't beat the $0.30 cheap chocolate paste bread that I buy from a cheap family-run shop that I used to eat when I was little. Or the $1 bowl of meatball soup dish they sell on the road side, knowing that hygiene is definitely one big problem down there.

Foods that remind you of your childhood, or your hometown. Foods that give you warmth. I think that's the best food in the world.

I'm back in US, and it's really hard to reproduce the exact copy of those dishes. Ingredient-wise, and skill-wise. Time is not much of a problem for me - there is always time to indulge food, even if I have to sleep one hour less for that.

Well, here's one of my favorites: Nasi Langi.

It looks cheap indeed. I mean, it's only rice, cut-up fried egg, tempe, small cuts of beef, peanuts, fried potato pieces, fried onions, slices of cucumbers and kemangi leaves neatly placed on a banana leaf. Cheap ingredients - nothing like prime rib steak or duck confit. But hey... Nothing's better than home!


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