Sunday, January 24, 2010

Annual New Year Party at Home

It can be tiring as hell, but it can be fun as hell as well.

I have never really helped my mum in the kitchen for any big family gathering at home years before. Well, this year, I did. And I just realized that preparing 9 or more types of dishes for 50 people at home can be really draining.

We called in an excellent Sate Padang cart that we used to buy from. My family's always a big fan of that Sate Padang.

I was so excited with eating it that I forgot to take a picture of the sate padang itself :P Talk about gluttony...

Well, next up is Padang food, my mum's special cooking.

 From top to bottom: telor kari (egg curry), kentang balado (chilli potato), terong balado (chilli eggplant)

Pempek Palembang (fish cakes)

Indonesian birthday fried noodle (decorated with colored quail eggs, bengkuang, and carrots - I love decorating dishes!)

Jengkol kari (jengkol is a legume-like fruit that smells like horse crap and will make your urine smells like sewage water, but tastes good if you like it! Well, I'M A BIG FAN.)

 Mini French crepe with beef rogut.

Acar bawang (home made shallot pickles)

A must-have dessert: es buah (longan, lychee, nata de coco, tropical cocktail fruits). We always have it every year!

I love arranging the plastic spoons! Wish I could do better :/

Bits and pieces of traditional Indionesian snacks. We didn't make them, of course. That would be an additional 2 days of pain in the ass. LOL. They're really good :)

Hmmm.. I kinda regretted posting so much food pictures today. Now I'm craving for those foods. Aahhh.


  1. 谢谢! I can't read Chinese, so I have to use Google translate, but thank you! :)


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