Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morning Food

This semester, I try to constantly wake up at 7 no matter what time my class start every day so I have time to enjoy heavier breakfast and to make lunch boxes. There are times when I just feel like extending my sleep for another 5-10 minutes, but so far my morning program has been smooth.

Enjoying breakfast slowly actually gives me the feeling of ease and peace. It makes me feel that my fast-paced life is slowed down a little. Every time I enjoy my breakfast, I would think "Ahh... today is a great day". Or something like that.

I don't really make bentos that are difficult to make. As long as it has varieties in the meal, it's good enough. That's actually the biggest reason I'm making lunch boxes almost every day: you can't get a 5-meal menu when you're eating out. Most of the time, it's always a one big menu.

Balado shrimp, steamed veggies with kewpie, nastar + putri salju, fried omelet, rice and bits of tempeh

buttered garlic crab fried rice with shrimp paste chili, steamed vegs, chicken curry, pizza puffs

And there are just times where I make cute bento just for fun. And to release my stress as well. I feel sad for eating the bento afterwards, though.

Cloud Strife bento (hair: egg yolk, face: white egg, eyes: seaweed), canned sanma, ham, steamed vegs, crab shreds

Sadly enough, the face got crushed as I put it inside my bag. I don't feel like carrying the bento on my hands in such a cold weather. I just want to put my hands inside my jacket's pockets. LOL. As I ate the bento, I felt like I killed Cloud.

I tried something new today:

spicy sanma fried rice with mustard and black pepper, sesame yaki soba, colored egg white roll, romaine lettuce, frankfurters

I was surprised that the idea to make colored egg white turns out to be good. I had egg white left overs because my friend just made crepe suzzette the other day. The bento would have been boring if the egg roll is completely white, so I thought. Glad that I tried this!



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