Friday, February 5, 2010

More Bento

I'm glad that I had lots of leftovers from the shabushabu party at my apartment. It makes me think, "okay, what am I gonna do with these things?". In a sense, it gives me the excitement in this gloomy weather and stressful days.

I try not to make the same dishes over and over again to keep my brain working. Otherwise, it will be no different than eating out at the Union.

Just recently, I discovered that fake crab sausages (which they claim are made with fish) go pretty well with rice. I'm in love with it!

A few years ago I would consider those fake crab sausages expensive commodities because they were pretty rare on the market since I'm not from Japan. It's like a WOW, IT'S A CRAB SAUSAGE!! kind of feeling.

Anyways, more bento pictures.

omurice with ham + crab spicy garlic fried rice, frankfurters, squid balls on sauerkraut, fried fishball, romaine lettuce salad

Fried rice
- 1 tsp minced garlic
- 1 cup cooked white rice
- 1 piece ham, cut into 1cmx1cm size
- 2 crab sausage sticks, cut into 2 and shredded
- 1 tsp soy sauce
- a pint of white pepper
- sriracha chili paste (or some other chili paste that you like)
- 1 egg, whisked

1) Heat oil in medium heat (3-4 in a 7 heat level settings) in a skillet
2) Add garlic into the skillet. Fry until the garlic is brownish.
3) Add in rice, ham, and crab sausage sticks into the skillet. Add soy sauce, white pepper and chili paste. Stir and mix well until the color of the rice is uniform.
4) Cook for another 2-3 minutes while stirring.
5) Set the fried rice aside.
6) Add a little oil on the skillet. To even the oil on the skillet, use kitchen towel.
7) Check if the oil is hot by dripping a drop of the egg. If it cooks the moment it reaches the skillet, pour in the rest of the egg mixture into the pan.
8) Stir the egg with chopsticks for about 5 seconds. After stirring, make sure that the egg covers the skillet without holes.
9) When the surface is still a little wet, add in the fried rice on the omelet.
10) Fold the omelet slowly. Use a spatula or a chopstick. \
11) Place the omelet on a plate/bento box.

Took me approximately 20 minutes to prepare all these in the morning from scratch :)


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