Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sop Kambing

Kambing literally translates to "goat", but for some reason eating goat for food doesn't sound as good as eating lamb. Either way - goat soup or lamb soup - the translation sounds too weird for me.

I have an unbelievably low blood pressure even though arguably I get heated up pretty quickly occasionally. So I figure that it should be pretty safe to indulge in lamb meats. From all that I know, eating lamb can easily cause hypertension. I have no scientific proof, but apparently people who just ate lamb have the tendency to get angry faster than normal. Haha.

Anyways... I was trying to find lamb ribs in groceries store. In the end, I found a rack of lamb imported from Australia (wow!) at Walmart. $11.60. Pretty expensive meat. A pack of 2 lb ground pork probably costs around $3.

Since I just bought a slow cooker last month, I figured out that I should make use of it. But it was actually a bad idea. Since a slow cooker does not have the ability to bring water to boil instantly, the blood from the lamb started flowing out, making the soup dark pink.

It was the most disgusting soup I've ever seen.

After 2 hours of cooking using a slow cooker, I decided to just transfer it to a pot and cook it using a stove. It turned so much better, and for some reason, I can feel the flavor better when it's cooked using a stove.

Sop kambing with emping, sambal, white rice and onion fritters

It wasn't as good as the one sold near my house in my hometown (probably because I don't use MSG haha), but it's good enough to satisfy my sudden crave for sop kambing.

But seriously... rack of lamb contains unbelievably large amount of saturated fats. Before cooking, I already removed the subcutaneous fats dangling on the meat. And that probably takes up 10-20% of the rack of lamb. After I left the pot of soup on the stove without heating it (it was pretty cold outside - probably feels like a room with an A/C set to 15 degrees C?). When I came back about 30 minutes later, I found a DISC - not a pool - of opaque fats floating on top of the soup! I could even make a candle out of it! And I didn't even place the soup inside the fridge.

I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't remove the fats from the meat. Imagine that much fats clogging up my blood vessels! o__O


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