Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy V Day + CNY

It's a little late, but happy Valentine's day and happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi fa cai, wan shi ru yi!

Well.. the reason why I didn't post anything because:
1) I was doing my homework,
2) I was reading 169 chapters of Glass Mask, a super old manga by Suzue Miuchi, and
3) I had a group meeting with my friends.

on February 14th. A very sad day? Not really. Haha. It's a Sunday, so I get to rest and have some fun on that day.

Ok, I made a bento for V Day even though it's a little late. I suddenly got the inspiration (even though I was supposed to finish another 17 pages of assignment (I finished 25 pages earlier, so I wasn't really procrastinating - I just needed a break!).

And... there we go. Baka couple bento!

A very happy couple, ne? Ingredients used: fishball, ham, crab sausage, lap cheong, white rice, and nori.

Leftover ham and crab sausage. I didn't expect to make a crab sausage rolled in ham. It turned out to be rather cute <3

And the fishballs go well with the ham, too! What I did was just cutting the ham into star-like shape and stick it into the fishball using a toothpick that has been broken into halves.

I cut the ham and the nori using a pair of scizzors.

The theme was Valentine's Day, so I tried to incorporate as many red/pink stuffs. And no vegetables this time. Yes. I'm sorry for being a little unhealthy.

Alright then, time for another 17 pages of assignment! Gambare!!


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