Friday, February 5, 2010

I Need More Water Bottles!

On the very first day I made a lunch box this semester, I destroyed the new water bottle that came together with the bento box because I poured hot tea into it.

This morning, I made a free water bottle I got from the university's Quad Day bent because I poured boiling water into that bottle. I simply assumed that the water bottle is made with the same material as Nalgene water bottles just because the color and the material looks similar. But, they're not.

I don't have that many water bottles left. I tried bringing a tumbler (which I got for free, too) to school, but apparently the tumbler is not insulated well enough that the hot tea I brought from home became cold once I reached my class.

I have a very well insulated water bottle, but it doesn't contain that much water and it's heavy because it's made of metal. I notice that my school bag has been ripping apart (I've been using it since I was in high school - so that makes it the 4th or 5th anniversary this year?) and I don't want to add in unnecessary weights to it.

I want a Nalgene water bottle :(

Something like this?


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