Thursday, February 4, 2010

They Killed The Miso!

Ok, today is catfish day (even though it's not June 25th - the national catfish day in US). I didn't really know how I should cook it, so I decided to give it a shot with the miso paste my bro left in my fridge.

In my head, I somehow know that rubbing the fish in miso paste won't do much good. I mean, I don't know how it would turn out to be, but I feel that "something's missing". So I experimented with adding honey into the marinade (you know, sometimes sweet and salty goes together pretty well).

Still playful as ever, I added in chopped garlic and ground cloves (a very very very tiny amount of it). And then, some coconut powder.

As instructed on the catfish packaging, I preheated the oven and broiled the catfish for 5 minutes.

The result?

As you can see it. Slight browning on the surface (I bet it's thanks to the honey). The coconut powder somehow turned rather dark, which makes it look like it's been sprinkled with black pepper. Overall, I like the appearance, but the taste...

Well, I won't say it's horrible, but the garlic and ground clove were too strong that they killed the miso! I didn't taste the miso flavor at all! Is it because the miso paste was cheap? I'm pretty sure I used enough miso to make the fish salty enough.

It's below my expectation :(

The best recipe I've experimented on was the sharp cheddar cheese with tomato catfish. And some lemon juice, as far as I remember. The recipe is... buried somewhere within my blog. I'm sure I can find it if I check my recipe-tagged posts. Yeah.

Lesson learned: never mix miso with garlic.

Oh well, time to eat!


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