Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Re-Birthday!

You see, today is officially my birthday :)

Since I was born in Indonesia, it was officially 12 hours ago. My mum called me when I was about to finish my lab stuff, so I couldn't talk to her for too long. I didn't feel quite right because it's just not June 24th yet in US. But you know, technically it was my birthday.

So, uhh... I went to my friend's house to celebrate his sister's birthday (it's more like his mom who invited me to the house). She made a cake for her daughter, but later on she added my name and her friend's name on the cake. Again, I feel quite not right yet because it's technically not June 24th yet. But it was a fun time down there!!

I ate lots and lots of very very good Indonesian food. Ahh. Such a bliss xD

And then I went back home because I was afraid of the storm (and I was kinda tired too - I almost slept when I drove there since I just got back from the lab). It was storming really really badly. The wind was blowing so strongly, and lightning stroke across the sky.

That was about 10 pm.

Then I made some sweet rice ice cream. You know, it didn't really turn out good. I should have strained the rice away. And it still doesn't give that much rice flavor into the ice cream. That's probably because I used 2 egg yolks, and the richness of the egg yolk just killed the rice flavor :(

Well, no one really celebrated my birthday today, with exception of my friends all across the world (I find it weird yet I'm touched). I'm very very thankful to my friend who BlackBerry Messenger-ed me all the way from Singapore, and my friend from Warwick made sure it's 12 am down here and sent me a message even though her exam was coming in the next few hours. My other close friend, unlike other people on Facebook, sent me a birthday message through Facebook private message instead of instantly clicking my wall and writing two-word birthday wishes.

I'd say I'm very very very blessed. God loves me!

Anyways, a birthday celebration is never complete without blowing a candle. I don't really care about cutting the cake. I just have to blow the candles.

So, to brighten my very special day, I scooped the ice cream I just made, and then stick a small birthday candle from other people's birthday. Well, it's new, but they're kinda like the leftover candles from someone's birthday. And thank God I have a lighter!

I sang a very quick birthday song, a "blow the candle song", and then blew the candle. I didn't have a wish when I blew it. I didn't think of any.

Well now I guess there is only one wish: I hope for the happiness of people who care about me. May they be happy, and may smile be with them. I think that would be the greatest birthday present for me this year!


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