Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretzel Ice Cream

After graduation, lots and lots and lots of people left. They also left me tons of stuffs - some of which are plainly junks, some are just awesome: just like the ice cream maker.

I hate to admit it, I'm not an ice cream eater like the rest of the population. Unless it has some unique flavor or texture that can make me remember how yummy it is.

The first and only time that I made ice cream was in my public speech class. One of my classmates taught us how to make ice cream in a ziplock bag using ice and salt as the cooler. He told us that it was normal for high school teachers to do this trick as a demo, but hey, I haven't done it before. Rather, I didn't know it works!

So here I am, stuck in wonder with the ice cream maker. I thought the machine works like magic, like it has some kind of cooler or something. Lucky I read the manual first before I began: it turned out that I had to freeze the freezing bowl before I begin making the ice cream. LOL.

When I was at Walmart two days ago I keep thinking of what unique flavors I can make. I mean, sure, vanilla or chocolate will never go wrong, but I want more than that. I began thinking up random stuffs - fruits, oatmeal, peanut butter... and suddenly it popped out: pretzels.

A salty ice cream. Heh. Why not? Pretzel it is!

I first crushed  low fat pretzels (about as much as a sandwich bag of those) with my drinking cup made of glass (I think you can use anything heavy to pound on it - glass jars works pretty well too). I heated 1 cup of goat milk (omg yes, goat milk! I just found it at Walmart and I thought I'd try it again) in low heat (out of 9, it's about 4). I let it simmer for a while, added about 1/4 cup of sugar and whisked it. Then I added 2 cups of heavy cream and stir it. Oh, a little bit of pure vanilla, too.

And then off we go with the ice cream maker! It took around 30 minutes to make it solid.

One of the greatest mistake was that I forgot to add some salt into it, so I added the salt as the machine swirled my ice cream mix. And yes, it didn't mix properly, so I kept adding more and more salt into the mix.

The result? OVERLY SALTY. I made my friends try them, and well, they're more surprised of why it's salty rather than wondering why it's TOO salty.

Is a salty ice cream such a weird idea?

Well, at first I wanted to top it with freshly pan-fried bacon bits. I think the hot bacon and the slightly salty pretzel ice cream will make a good combo when done properly.

So, things to do for the next pretzel ice cream: use more pretzels to add more flavor (it kinda died as I added the heavy cream) and color, and DON'T ADD MORE SALT!!


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