Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleepy winter

As winter comes, I become really lazy. And I turn into a real glutton. 5 pm feels like 8 am, and the darkness just makes me feel that it's time to sleep.

Low productivity.

As I promised last time, I'd post some pictures when I was in Japan. Roaming Tokyo area in 6 days (or maybe it was 5 days, including travel time and all that) was really tiring.

The weather was great (the coldest winter in Tokyo is only about 5 degrees C!), the food was great, and of course, lots of cute things around ♥

One of my most favorite food was omurice (rice covered in omelet). I don't know why, but the omelet feels really light and fluffy, and I'm not really exaggerating but the egg kinda 'melts' in the mouth.

By the way, there is a funny (maybe more like embarrassing, but either way, it's funny) behind this omurice. I was hungry and decided to eat at Ootoya. Ootoya is a restaurant chain that serves traditional Japanese foods. I went through the menu, and somehow I couldn't pick anything until I saw omurice. I was thinking, "hey, I haven't had omurice at all", so I decided on that.

I went to the cashier to order the menu, and the guy asked me to reconfirm if this menu was the one I selected (apparently this is a customary habit in Japan - whenever you go to a store, they'll always ask you to reconfirm that you got the right stuff). He asked me if I ordered okosama omurice, and I said yes. At this point, I understood well that it's a kid's menu (okosama means kid). He didn't say anything else, or prevented me from ordering that menu, so I went ahead and paid for the omurice.

And then I sat down.

When the omurice came, the guy at the cashier (who turned out to be a server as well) told me that this menu is meant for kids under 13, this was the only time he would let me order it, and there should not be a next time.

And I can only say "sorry", and then I munched the omurice.

But really, I like kid's portion. I like kid's menu in general. They have nice plates, and the serving size is just right for me.

I wish I can return to being under 12 years old again haha! I'm such a big kid :)


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