Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's really c-c-cold!

Life could be a little wonderful if I were a polar bear. It's so freakin' cold outside (still can't beat Siberia's -68C, but I think -19C is still pretty bad) and I unfortunately forgot to wear my mufflers and my hat today because I thought I was going to be late for lunch with everyone. As usual, I was the first to come. I should have waited for the next bus so I could better equip myself. Meh.

I just can't survive without soup.

Herbal Chicken Soup

This is probably the most disgusting-looking soup if you're not familiar with the concept of Chinese herbal soup. Well, you probably won't see all the ingredients used if you eat herbal soup in a restaurant.

The taste? Kinda like an acquired taste. I have the taste buds of a grandma, so I like it LOL ♥

By the way, the food at the new Korean restaurant near my university did not taste good. I don't think I'm returning to that place for lunch, considering it's quite far from my departmental building. I guess this is the side effect of being able to cook decent food at home: I refuse to eat anything that taste worse than my cooking.

Okay, got to resume doing my assignment. Will be back again after the finals! Wish me luck!


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