Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

Buon giorno!

It's still January and I'm still in the mood for new year. Happy new year to us all! I haven't been able to write anything on the blog for the past... month? Yeah, even thought it's winter break, I didn't have proper Internet access and I spent more of my time with my big family. Less time on the computer, woohoo! What a big improvement for me.

Yesterday I started cooking for the first time after 1 month of cooking dormancy (cuz it's winter break - I'm home and either my mum cooked for me or we dined out). I have no problem with sensing how much salt and pepper and other ingredients I should use other than the spicy Thai chili peppers.

So... I added to much chili peppers. They're not like jalapenos - they're nothing compared to these Thai peppers. It's super spicy.

I cooked this in the morning for breakfast. Guess what? I was wearing contacts (for the first time in my life), and I couldn't help but crying as I ate this lovely mom's-recipe-that can't-be-found-anywhere dish.

But it made my body warm afterwards, so I didn't feel so cold as I headed towards school. It's -7C right now and it's been snowing lightly for the past 2 days.

This is going to be my last semester as an undergraduate. I feel really sad for spending only 3 years as an undergraduate. I feel that my undergrad life is so far the best time in my life. I can take courses that I really like. Well, I still have to take other courses which I don't really like (anything related to biology or microbiology is disastrous for my tiny brain). I love anything related to chemistry, though ;)

Alright, it's not time to go to class yet but I'm already awake. I guess I'll try to make a bento today so I don't have to come back to my apartment during lunch break (> v <)


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