Friday, January 21, 2011

Simply Asian

Once you're acquired to a certain taste, you can't really go away from it.

I've been quite fortunate to have experienced living in three countries even before my age reached 20. Eleven years in Indonesia (home country), six years in Singapore (because I got the scholarship), and the rest, in United States. Even if your geography is bad, you should still know that the first two countries are in Asia, and the other is pretty much self-explanatory.

So, about 17/21 of my life (my math is bad, I can't approximate the fraction into a simpler term) is spent in Asia. Like it or not, I grew up with Asian taste.

Americanized Asian food, to put it simply, sucks for no clear reason. I'm not just talking about Chinese food, but also Indonesian food. I don't know why, I'm rarely satisfied dining at any Indonesian restaurant located in US. Or maybe I just haven't found a good restaurant.


I had become a perfect glutton over winter break. And now I'm trying my best to shed some flabby fats away :(


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