Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bento Boxes Are Back!!

Guess what guess what!! The bento boxes are back~!

Thanks to TOKYOPOP's bento contest, I got fired up again. On Friday night, I read about the contest from Hetalia Archive's updates and then I told my friend that I was seriously gonna make one! At first I didn't know which characters to make. Took me quite a while do decide on the chatty Nordics!

 The chatty Nordics: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland

And then.. I thought "hey, the Nordics haven't been featured as much as the others until Book 3 and Book 3 hasn't been published in US!". I kept thinking, did I make a wrong choice, did I make a wrong choice.... and then since I have leftover rice in the fridge I decided to give my final shot. 

As such, the Axis Powers vs Allied Forces bento was made!!

Top: Japan, Italy and Germany onigiri
Bottom: China, Russia, America, France and England's almond cookies

Wheeee I'm so happy right now~

I don't know if I can win the contest but since it's been a while since I made my last bento, I felt really excited. I must thank TOKYOPOP for giving me the final push to going back making more bento!

It's getting warmer nowadays... It snowed about a couple days ago, but right now it's raining pretty heavily. Looks like there's thunderstorm outside. The sky looks bright pink because of the lightning. Reminds me so much of Russia ☆


  1. Very cute bento box ideas! They are so popular right now and rightly so. They make packing lunch a lot more fun :-)


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