Thursday, March 3, 2011

Braised eggs and my ego

This event was last month. I did indicated that I wanted to help out with cooking for the event, but 4 days before the event, I was suddenly asked to be the coordinator of all volunteers in the cooking section.

I couldn't turn down the request because of several unspoken reasons, so I did become a coordinator.

By the way, I was in charge of making telor kecap (hard boiled eggs braised in sweet soy sauce). Pretty easy to make when you have 20 eggs to make, but it's quite a hassle when you have 180 eggs to boil, peel and cook. I got two people helping me out to peel and cook them so it wasn't so bad.

The eggs above took 8 hours to become this brown. Heh. Took me the whole Febreeze to neutralize the smell of my room afterwards.

Anyways, long story short, since I was so busy with food preparation, nobody took my photos so I was like a shady ninja walking around with trays of food. Which I think was pretty cool.

I used to be (or maybe I still am) a little thirsty for acknowledgment. But somehow I had some kind of enlightenment this time. I felt it was kinda fun to be in the shades. I smelled like hydrolyzed cooking oil and my hair was all messed up (unlike some people who decided to leave the kitchen and take a good shower before they meet everyone). Some people approached me and said they were satisfied with the food (which made me really happy even though I didn't cook all of them), so I'm happy enough.

I felt so blissful that God gave me the patience to be humble!


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