Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break!

Spring break doesn't feel like spring break when you have lots of stuffs to do.

I'll have to look for housing in Philadelphia simply because after reading the news Camden (the town I will be working at) is rated the most dangerous town due to the unbelievably high crime rate. Beh.

Tried using SAI to draw. It's a pretty gloomy fanart :(

Hetalia Axis Power: Japan and his bloody path of Greater Asia

I suddenly remembered how in WW2 Japan actually came to South East Asia and liberating those countries from the hands of the European, calling all Asians "sibling" but in the end tortured them for the sake of their expansion.

Aaaand.. I've been quite addicted watching Mind Your Language, a British satirical comedy on how foreigners speak English. It's a relatively old series (1977... not THAT old but I wasn't born yet) but it's really interesting.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances today I was in a very bad mood and decided to create another song.

It's about a friend who had a broken heart (below is the English translation):

Why are you so quiet today?
Your smile disappeared from your face
Don't cry anymore
Let's just laugh together!
Tomorrow will definitely be bright and clear

Being broken hearted is suffocating
Everything tastes really bitter
But the world still revolves
So keep walking
Tomorrow will definitely be bright and clear


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