Friday, March 11, 2011

Restaurant Crawl

It was my last Restaurant Crawl before I graduate. We went to Seven Saints for appetizers, Jupiter's for main course and then to Cakes at Walnut for dessert. The weather's been a little harsh during the day, but it wasn't that bad during the crawl so THANK GOD! :)

This year, I went with a totally different group of people. Which is good to see that there are many non-senior club members who are still active and are still looking forward to participate in the club events.

Me, Pablo, Eileen, Edwin, Fransiska, Rosemary, Kara, Sam, Ariel, Christine, Disha, Eric, Kathleen, Donny, Amanda

The event turned out to be awesome ^ ^

Anyways, a couple of days ago I tried making Moussaka (a Greek casserole). I've been wanting to make this since the first few days of this semester but for some reason or the other I keep missing some ingredients at home.

I bought a new Pyrex casserole dish (yes, my mum's probably gonna be mad at me for adding a new family member to my piling-up cooking wares) just because I think I need one. I only have a really small casserole dish that fits into my toaster oven. So, this is probably a good investment.

The overall concept is actually similar to Shepperd's Pie, but instead of using mashed potatoes on top, it uses Bechamel sauce baked in oven. And of course, eggplants as well!

Turned out a little strange but it tastes good so I have no complaints.


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