Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not Ready

Okay, today's Friday and I'm so not ready to leave New Jersey.

I drove back and forth to Philadelphia on Thursday (supposed to be on Wednesday but the weather sucks and my brother didn't let me drive his car under such a bad weather). Took me a total of 4 hours of a round trip there. Managed to find two different apartments that I kinda liked but I still can't decide which one I should lease.

One choice: in the middle of the city, Philadelphia. It's much more expensive for a smaller size apartment. The facilities aren't that great since it's an old building but it's very accessible. I have to pay $295/mo for parking as well. The view's kinda great (if I decided to get the one on 23rd floor- and the windows can be opened too). But on the other side, it's a really crowded city. I'm not a big fan of a crowded city. It's a little far from the workplace but I don't really mind that since I will be driving anyways.

The other choice: kind of at the outskirts of a town, in New Jersey. It's cheap, the space is big. I don't have to pay for parking and the lease term is very flexible but my greatest concern is the safety. I mean, it's rather close to Camden, the most dangerous city in the US (ironically, that's where I'm gonna work!) and there's no security guard or anything. I'm not sure about security cameras but everyone is free to come in and out of the complex. The apartments are kinda apart from each other, too. You need a key to enter the building but hey you can get robbed outside the house too :(

So, I don't know :(

Anyways, I'll be flying to Anaheim tomorrow to attend the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting. I'm going to present my research results as an Undergrad Research Award finalist, so I'm rather scared. Well, first of all, English is not my native language. I speak pretty fluently but I still have a weird accent which no one could figure out which country I'm from. So I hope it will go well on Sunday >.<

I'll be skipping classes until Wednesday so I have a lot to catch up as well.

Once this is over I will have to start packing my stuffs and sell some of them so I won't be having so much trouble when I move over to NJ/Philly later.


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