Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hetalia Effect

I got the wrong idea when I first saw Hetalia on YouTube. There are so many BL and yaoi things going around Hetalia and I thought it was just another harem anime. But it isn't. In fact, it's probably one of the most interesting manga / anime I've ever encountered.

So I came to know a lot about the cultures of other countries (even though they may not be really accurate), including the foods. There was one Drama CD where Lithuania said "Russia always dump everything into the soup" I became interested in knowing what Russian food is like.

After browsing the Internet (thank you Bill Gates for making life so much easier), I found some Russian recipes and I thought Solyanka would be the first to try because the ingredients are simple and from reading the recipes I feel that the taste would not be so wrong.

Glad I tried this recipe:

I changed this and that a little because I like to keep the serving size small. I think I needed more onions next time, but I love the taste of pickled cucumbers in this soup. It's like hot and sour and fresh!


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