Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

I received a call from my mum in the morning and she said there was a huge earthquake in Japan. There were wsunami warnings in Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia, and several other places including San Francisco, US. And that's where my brother is right now. Just for today.

She asked me if my friends in Japan are okay. I know at least one is safe, but I don't know about the rest. And this stupid me doesn't remember her friends' email addresses and sending text messages cost a little too much so she decided to go to Facebook even though she's not supposed to open her Facebook page until April 18th. 

So she thinks that while she's on Facebook might as well post some stuffs and say hi to some other people she hasn't talked to for so long. She thought it was fine until her friends started asking why I'm online even though I'm not supposed to be online. 

I think, more than anything else, I need encouragement so I can pull through this period of lent. Well, I have no one to encourage me to not open the Facebook because I live in a single apartment and self control is the only way to stop me.

I wish there are people cheering on me not to give up on this cause >.<

However, it doesn't change the fact that I broke my promise. BUT it doesn't mean it all ends here. I'll re-start the no-Facebook-until-April-18 again.

Well anyways.

I tried cooking Finnish food this time.



So I assume "lohi" means salmon in Finnish.

I got both recipes from and I think it worked pretty well so far. I'm a little scared of eating my Graavilohi because I live in the middle of a continent and getting fresh fish is quite a problem. Graavilohi is cured salmon - and unlike cheviche, it doesn't use any acids.

I ate the Graavilohi today and I think I'm still in a good shape. But we'll see >.<


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