Friday, March 18, 2011


Unexpectedly bumped into my friend and then somehow ate lunch together and all of the sudden the conversation became monstrously heavy. It's enjoyable; it's definitely a food-for-thought conversation for me. I left home with depression after that, and I fell asleep although I was supposed to calculate some statistics using SAS for my presentation tomorrow. And yes, I have never used SAS throughout my life so it's like figuring out codes. It's not that hard, it just takes a little time to learn what the code does.

I finally figured out how to do some of the stats that I needed by 6:50pm and ran to see my professor at 7pm (I was supposed to meet her before 4 but I couldn't make it). After this and that, things pretty much settled down.

My mum's been sending me texts asking why my brother and I haven't congratulated them for their wedding anniversary (okay to be honest I did forget about that). Whew. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

For no reason I ate pasta again today.

Spaghetti in garlic, olive oil and ponzu, with slices of ham, capers and black olives

I used to hate black olives but now I love it.

So, my conclusion for the day is that you may reject some ideas that seem absurd to you but one day you may come to an understanding of that idea.

One day I will understand how to love and accept myself despite what people think about my physical and mental states.


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