Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beef Tataki

I bought Ponzu sauce quite some time ago so I tried cooking beef tataki with the wrong ingredient. I used beef stew meat, which is waaaay too chewy.

The texture is definitely wrong :(
And somehow using frozen-thawed meat makes the color of the meat rather ugly (deoxymyoglobin! Heh!).

But the sauce is good. Yum.

Anyways, just a little thought on the earthquake disaster in Japan. I shouldn't say it's surprising but it's still a little surprising to me that despite all the sad news about casualties and the safety of the citizens, the news about how businesses in Japan will be affected floats around pretty much on every news website.

I guess people care a lot about business and their munny, huh?


  1. anin! gw kan masukin blog elo ke daftar googlereader gw, trus gw bingung kok entry elo kepotong mulu. i thought error atau gi mana. Eh gw baru tau kalo di googlereader itu blog elo jadi ga muncul fotonya & jadi kepotong gtu entrynya!

    Next time baca langsung deh! hehehe


  2. hahahaha! gw bahkan ga tau blogspot bisa di link ke google reader gitu :)


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