Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fasting and Abstinence

This is a really tough challenge for me. In my whole life, I always failed.

This year I promised to skip Facebook for 40 days. It's one of the greatest challenge for me. Somehow I always have time to post something on Facebook, be it just a wall post, a comment, video, pictures... I wasted so much of my time being online.

I haven't told my parents but I've been going to bible study sessions. I know I've been pressing my switch on and off; sometimes I'm really eager to search the light and sometimes I just prefer to be in the dark. Right now I'm trying to switch it on again.

So, pray for me so I can abstain from Facebook during this 40 days!


  1. Good job. When I read your message, I am touched. I think I will do the same this Lent, fasting from facebook. Thank you. You are sent by God to send this message to me...


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