Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oh yes I forgot to tell you guys that I'm taking Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) this semester!

It's an awesome class, and I am learning great deal of information about fine arts and Zen Buddhism ideals. As a Christian, I feel that I have to agree with some Zen teachings. The nature is great, and that's why we have to respect them. Although in Zen Buddhism it is believed that each natural existence has its own god, I believe that we have to respect nature because God created nature. And perhaps if we combine both Christian and Zen Buddhism together, it will be something like "God created nature and sent the spirits down to earth to protect nature". And we shall have less conflicts over religion ( ´▽`)

Isn't it awesome? A world without conflicts, that is...

People just refuse to accept each other's beliefs. They don't want to compromise. What is the great deal of defending your religion when you have to burn each other's houses, shedding blood and tears?

Just as I think cow's tongue is delicious, I don't want to force someone to eat it if he/she clearly doesn't like cow's tongue.

Enough with my stupid sermon (I'm not even qualified to do that but I hope to see peace within everyone of us one day). Let us enjoy the flowers, shall we? :)

Tools for Ikebana: kenzan, vase and scissors

My first arrangement

The simplest arrangement I've done so far: Chabana

Putting flowers on my study desk brightened my day a lot!

I have an arrangement on top of my fridge!

My Jiyuuka (freestyle) arrangement. Fancy, isn't it?

This is my classmate's Jiyuuka arrangement. I like it a lot :)

I tried to do another Jiyuuka at home because I don't have the exact fancy vase I used in class.


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