Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

"Last night when I was tired out waiting for the train at the station, the homeless people gave me one of their cardboards to prevent the cold... even though we usually ignore them in daily life... So warm."

I read this from

It moved me to tears.

I checked out the twitter channel, and it's really encouraging how people don't give up despite their terrible situation. It moved me a lot, and I feel like I should be praying for them more and more. But it got me thinking again. When my country was hit by earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruptions, what did I do?

I didn't cry. I said "let's pray for them" on Facebook, but that's about it. I don't trust some organizations who said they would help those affected because I just don't trust them. I had a bad experience with fundraising for a so-called non-profit organization without thinking much about where the money goes to.

I didn't cry because I didn't see pictures of a mother crying while holding her dead daughter. I didn't see houses getting burned, and I didn't get that much updates about what's going on in Indonesia when those tragedies occurred. I simply turned away and thanked God that my families were not affected.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so heartless. 


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