Sunday, October 9, 2011

French Yogurt, sil vous plait!

Well well... what did I discover on the yogurt aisle last Thursday?

French yogurt! I've never heard or seen it before. Maybe because I'm not really a yogurt person in the first place. The only time I was crazy about yogurt was last year, and that craze didn't even last that long.

Many eat yogurt for its taste and texture, including me. Of course, yogurt consumption also has an added benefit: it helps you grow the bacteria in your gut so you can poo-poo easily- hold on, GROW BACTERIA IN YOUR STOMACH?? ISN'T BACTERIA DANGEROUS!?

No, not all bacteria are dangerous. In fact, without the nice bacteria in your guts, you won't feel good. Ever experienced riding an overcrowded train and felt like a sardine packed in a can, and you can't breathe because there is just no space for you? The same concept goes to our good stomach bacteria: they prevent the bad bacteria from invading your stomach by competing against them for survival.

If you've bought something that says pro-biotic or pre-biotic, then you've unknowingly supported the growth of good bacteria in your stomach. So what do pro- and pre-biotic mean? Pro-biotic means that the contents of the food help the good stomach bacteria grow healthier, while pre-biotic means that the contents of the food contain live, active bacteria good for your stomach. Dead cells don't count as pre-biotics.

Now, don't start thinking "Eeew I've been eating live bacteria all the time!?". Microbes float around you all the time. Millions or billions of them. You've been inhaling them as you breathe. It's okay, you're not gonna die.

Back to the French yogurt. This French yogurt didn't look anything too different from the other Activia yogurts that I've had tasted before. There are chunks of mango, but growing up eating fresh mango grown in my house's backyard, this mango tasted weird. Like unripe mango. It's not the creamy mango I had expected. But the yogurt itself not too bad!

Calories.. not too bad. I mean, it's yogurt. It's bound to have some fats and proteins. And sugar, if it's flavored. Yogurt without sugar is just too tart for me.

Saturated fat.. I'm a little worried but hey it's not like I can eat 5 cups of yogurt in a day.

So if you notice on the ingredients list, there is modified corn starch. What the hell is that? Some corn starch mutant? I don't know either, but from my experience attending food suppliers expo, my guess is that it provides dietary fiber. If I have the chance, I'll talk more about dietary fiber and how it's actually not coming from sources you think they would come from. 

Next to explore: Greek yogurt. It's been invading the yogurt aisle on groceries store to the point that it has its own section.


  1. Me like yogurt too! esp froyo! hahaha i heard red mango di US lebih enak daripada di sini! never heard of french yogurt before, but i like the rich creamy texture of greek yogurt!


  2. Di tempat gw ga ada Red Mango jadi blom pernah nyoba, tapi tiap kali gw ke tempat yg ada Red Mango pasti lagi ga mood buat foryo! Haha Greek yogurt udah nyampe Singapur yah? Cepet juga xD


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