Monday, November 7, 2011

Philadelphia Food, Wine and Spirits Festival

It's late but I'll post some pictures from the event :)

Basically it's like the mini version of the Institute of Food Technologists Suppliers Night where people from different companies (in this case, restaurants and wine sellers as well) came to promote their products and give out free samples. Well, it's not really free since I had to pay $30 entrance fee.

Considering I'm not really good with alcohol, $30 is a little too much for me to pay. I came back home with a little sad story about me throwing up and fainting in the bathroom for a few minutes. I skipped the tipsy stage. And I didn't drink that much, other than the accidental Remi Martin and cognac that I tasted just because I didn't know how strong they were.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Cheese Steak cookie

Who could have thought cheese steak cookie would be really delicious! I've had sea salt cookies and bacon chocolate chip cookies before, they're good, but they're okay. They're not really the kind of food I can crave for. But that cheese steak cookie was superb, I'm not kidding. Sriracha mango was okay, but not too bad.

2. "Life is too short to be crabby"
It's a pretty cute tag-line from a jumbo lump crab cake shop. 

3. Tomato basil soup with avocado
Normally you'd think everything would be tasty and innovative. Not THIS one. It's so weird. WEIRD. I mean, the avocado was like really cold and the texture is just so... wrong.

3. Jose Garces culinary demo
I paid an extra $10 for this. Actually, I felt kind of cheated. No recipes given, no details on temperatures, cooking time... nothing. It's like he's not willing to teach us anything.

Okay got to go on the plane. I'm leaving to Napoleon, Ohio for business trip. The flight was delayed for about 1 hour due to fog and I thought I would have more time to type. Haha.



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