Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Up in the air

As some of you have known, I skydived about 2 weeks ago. It was fun and I had to convince my parents and especially my brother that I was going to come back alive and kicking. And as you know, I did survive my first skydive. 

I have been on the plane several times, and most of the time I sat next to the window so I could see the sky and the ground below. One time, I saw countless stars and constellations. It was a brilliantly beautiful scenery.

However, skydiving gave me something else. Being in the sky with no barriers or walls to block your view was just indescribable. The wind blows against your whole body, you could see everything around you... brilliant. Simply brilliant. 

Being on the parachute was great but the harness made my thighs hurt a little (but hey, safety comes first!). But what's really nice about parachuting is the fact that you are descending pretty slowly. You can take your time to take a look at the scenery. When I jumped, half of the leaves were red, so it was like looking at a bunch of colors from the sky.

I really want to do it again but it's getting cold and I will be moving out of this area soon. It's expensive, though. Oh well, at least now I can tell people that I've done it once! :)

I got a video from the skydive.

YAY :)


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