Friday, December 21, 2012

See you, Netherlands!

Period 2 has officially ended for me, and it's time for Christmas holiday! And this also means saying goodbye to life in Netherlands. At least until the time when I have to extend my residence permit again next summer. So, when people ask me, "What is your impression of the Netherlands?", here are my answers:

The Netherlands was the place where I feel like I'm a hobbit. In terms of Asian standard, my height (163cm) is around average. Here, I had to elevate my head to the angle of 60 degrees or above parallel to the ground. I don't think 15cm heels would help that much.

The Netherlands was the place where I first learned how to bike properly, crossing 2 towns to reach my school. In general I biked 8 km from my dorm to the furthest campus on the hill, and we always had classes there in the morning. It felt horrible when everyone on the road overtook me, but I just realized that I am just a baby trying to compete with professional bike racers on the road. The Dutch can bike with no hands, or while holding an umbrella, or dragging a roller bag behind, or drinking beer. If they didn't get gold for biking in the Olympics, that would be really weird.

The Netherlands was the first place where I ever feel that beers are delicious. My favorite is Leffe double and Mort Subite. However, my alcohol tolerance is low as always: 1 week of no alcohol, and I will get tipsy just from drinking 1 bottle of Desperados. I generally don't see myself as a weak person, but rather a very efficient drunkard. Save my money, save my liver. Double win.

The Netherlands was the first place where I had something as ridiculous as mixing peanut sauce with mayonaise and eat French fries with it. To be honest, I don't like the taste of patatje oorlog. I'd rather have French fries with mayonaise and ketchup.

The Netherlands was the first place where I saw a slim and fashionable Sinterklaas who came from Spain. The fat ho-ho man I've know since I was a toddler was a product of Coca-Cola's advertising campaign. All these years, I had been a faithful follower of Coca-Cola's fat ho-ho man.

The Netherlands was the first place I've been where shops are closed on Sundays by law. Simply unfathomable. Moreover, they open late (1 PM) on Monday.

And lastly, cheese, cheese, cheese and cheese. And legal marijuana.

See you again soon!


  1. kalo lu suka beer di sana lu harus coba cider di UK xD harusnya yg di Ireland ok juga. setelah gw ke Europe baru gw ngerti knp org suka bgt minum2... karena emang kalo minumannya enak lumayan addictive jg :x

    terus ngeblog ya gw mau baca ttg petualangan lu di Ireland hahaha!

  2. gw ga bisa masuk UK deb, soalnya gw visa Ireland, bukan visa UK. kalo visa UK bisa ke Ireland, tp kalo visa Ireland ga bs masuk UK :(

    ini baru mulai nge blog lagi nih. dah lumayan settled down hehehe xD


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