Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Netherlands - National Tulip Day @ Amsterdam 2014

What's better than picking your own tulips for FREE?

Back in January we headed to the Dam Square in Amsterdam for the National Tulip Day. Apparently, this event is pretty touristic because none of my Dutch colleagues - even those who live in Amsterdam - were not aware of this event. Apparently, they do this every year to promote tulips. It's very nice of the government to sponsor this kind of event :)

Free plastic bags were distributed for free so everyone could bring the handpicked tulips home. You would get two bags, and I think they would be easier to carry if you bring a large tote bag with you.

People of all ages come to pick the tulips. Most of the visitors were foreigners, but there were also some Dutch people.

I came around 13:30 and waited in the line for about 20 minutes before I could enter the flower-picking area. The floor was filled with tulips an hour before I came.

My friend came earlier at 12:30 PM, and he said that the "golden tulips" were gone. He could still get plenty of the red tulips, though. I had to do an extensive search for the red ones that were hidden within a bunch of yellow tulips, but I managed to find at least five of them. It was kind of like treasure hunting.

The yellow tulips are generally not very popular compared to the red, purple and pink ones. Around 3 PM, the only ones left were the yellow ones. They were beautiful, but I suppose they were not as eye-catching as the other colours.

In the end, we had a lot of fun picking the tulips. I myself got two full bags of these beautiful flowers to decorate my apartment. I just had to cut the stalks from the bulbs and place the tulips in a vase with water.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Just a little tip for picking tulips. Tulips are very strong. They can still bloom after they are cut from their bulbs if you take care of them properly. If you don't manage to get tulips that have matured well because you were late, don't worry. As long as the buds have grown, they will most likely bloom. Mine bloomed even further in less than a week.

Interested? Keep checking the official website so you can come to pick your own tulips next year!


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