Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken and Beer

It was actually quite some time ago when my friend left a case of Stag beers in our hotel room. She left earlier than I did, and I called her to ask if she still wanted those beers and she said no. I hate wasting things off, so I took them with me and I didn't know how to deal with them since I don't drink beers.

Chicken breast cooked in beer and herbs on rice vermcelli and sauteed squash

It was a little scary to see the beer foaming up as I heat it up on the saucepan. So basically I boiled a piece of chicken breast with a can of beer, and I added dried basil, thyme and parsley. I added a pinch of black pepper and salt to season. And I actually boiled the rice vermicelli together with the chicken. I added the vermicelli much later than the chicken. To put it simply, all the remaining beer got absorbed by the rice vermicelli.

I like the fact that the chicken had a herby feelings in it, but I don't think children will like this chicken beer >.<


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